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    Novia's Parlor ( a guide for everyone)


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    Novia's Parlor ( a guide for everyone)

    Post by Xenophoria on Fri Apr 24, 2009 12:48 pm

    Hi guys, I've been following Anything to Novia's Parlor for a quite some time..It's god damn easy for them lol , now~ all u need is tele scrolls and soul crystals at least 10 of each , we need to cooperate together during 2nd stage and 4th stage because mini boss will get harder every time. If I'm not mistaken 2nd stage and 4th stage each of the mini boss will locate at 12 , 3, 6 ,9o'clock as for us we need a strong tanker ( a few) to tank it 1 by 1 for example we will go from 12 - 9 but we wont down it 1 by 1 , we must lower down the hp and down it once and for all.Don't split up..all must stick together as u know the mobs will quake u to death if u die..quickly SC as for now we have to spend lots of money on this raid coz our armor are not as pimped as Anything's, try to get lots of lots of SC as possible =) and I can guide along the way Ouh~ and the final stage..Novia's Parlor all of us will run to the top(12 o'clock) AND DIE/Stay there lol and let the the tankers and dpser do their job by killing the griffon(s) and other mini bosses. In this raid members are to bring and get your Equipment pimped Ele(Main DPSer, Ziz with human class) , Musk(DPSer) , Fighter(Tank) , ETS(resser / Buffer) , Scout(resser / Buffer). There are a few Squads to arrange NDE(Novia Dpser Elementalist)NDE 1 - ? , NT(Novia Tanker ,NDM(Novia Dpser Musketeer)NDM 1- ? ,in these particular sq there are no other chars / rnpc allowed for NDE sq must have at least 2 Eles per family and 1 buffer / resser as for NT sq u can mix and match as long u can tank.I think that's about it I will edit this if there are anything to enhance..ciao~


    Re: Novia's Parlor ( a guide for everyone)

    Post by Guest on Sun May 03, 2009 4:20 am

    good... but can u spilt up the paragraph becoz it hard to digest ,, any we are improving our wpn also.. tks for ur contribution

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